Mindframes are models of thinking about people in relation to brands, communications, marketing initiatives and organisations. Wendy has identified six enduring principles that explain why people think the way they think, behave like they do and say what they say.

Whether you are a research practitioner, user of research or planner, these mindframes will lead you to the choice of more rigorous methods, more sensitive interpretations and more confident recommendations. Read the book in any order, dip in and out and use the six lenses to magnify your own practical experience and frameworks.


“Wendy Gordon is one of our foremost thinkers and writers. This short gem of a book succinctly sums up a lifetime’s wisdom.” Judie Lannon, Editor, Market Leader.

“It’s very difficult to write practical inspiration. In this wonderful book Wendy has accomplished that. She has taken the body of qualitative research and given it a soul. A must read for any practitioner.” Roy Langmaid, Psychologist.

“Wendy has created a treasure trove of great thinking to help aspiring, as well as fully fledged, researchers. You can hear her voice, full of wisdom and erudition, but also delightfully human. Even if you’ve been in research for as many decades as Wendy, you will definitely acquire new knowledge and encounter new ideas.” Rosie Campbell, Ex-chair of the AQR.


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