It was 2002. In a suburb far, far away the four founders of Acacia Avenue, Caroline Hayter, Martin Lee, Wendy Gordon and Ro Pocock, were all working together at a previous company that decided to close its doors for business.

We faced individual choices, but continuing to work together was the one that was most attractive to us all. Acacia Avenue was born. The idea was to use our diverse backgrounds to create an experienced, senior team of consultants, advising clients based on rigorous research and brave thinking.

And now it’s today. Still fiercely independent, we have held true to the original idea. The ‘how’ has evolved, in that we now incorporate quantitative research into our work. We have also developed a strong international capability. And we will continue to evolve. Along the journey, we have been amongst the first to embrace and incorporate new influences such as behavioural economics, neuroscience and storytelling into our practice. But the essence won’t change, because the need for successful business decisions based on sound evidence doesn’t go out of fashion.