What’s your favourite chocolate bar?  Have you got one that always delivers?  Or do you go through chocolate bar phases?  You love one for ages, overdo it, and then discard it for something different?  Maybe it’s both of those.

We find repertoire structures everywhere:

  1. Anchor – 1-2 brands, tried and tested favourites that stand the test of time and never let you down, whatever the need
  2. Active – around 5-7 brands that you’ll choose from if the mood takes you
  3. Dormant – the forgotten or outgrown. Might come up again if distant memory or nostalgia strikes.

The 2020s have been perfect conditions for repertoires to be dislodged. The abrupt wrench of the pandemic saw anchor habits and dormant behaviours re-emerge. Now, blended work patterns and lean times create ongoing volatility for our habitual choices. A no-brainer, anchor brand may now undergo scrutiny.

And as for the active repertoire, that’s an even tougher gig.  Staying here requires ongoing salience – without it, there’s a slippery slide into dormancy.  Whatever happened to Toffee Crisp, by the way?